What To Backup - And How

  NSBT 05:35 06 Nov 2007


I just recently cleaned my computer following a Trojan, as my computer is now clear, I’ve been advised by another member to do a backup.

I’ve never done a backup for anything previously as I never thought I needed to, however following the agro I’ve had from the Trojan I need to do a backup.

This might sound strange, but I’ve never copied anything to disk, as I’ve never needed to, I’ve always saved items to my documents.

What do I backup, and how do I go about it; I have a feeling it’s not as straightforward as it sounds.

Thanks in advance

  €dstowe 06:36 06 Nov 2007

I suggest that you get a backup program such as Acronis (there are others but this one is easy to use and lots of people here have it).

Read and follow the instructions carefully. It isn't complicated but, if you're not used to it, can appear so.

click here|1052857877&gclid=CLHf1M3Nx48CFQEkQgodBFzX_w

  €dstowe 06:38 06 Nov 2007

Don't know what happened to the click here try this one:

click here

  Technotiger 07:28 06 Nov 2007

Following on from €dstowe's suggestion,

What to back-up? Everything, and by that I mean absolutely everything, all your Operating System (XP or whatever yours is), all your programs, all your personal settings - the whole lot. With Acronis it is quite easy, even for a Novice, although at first it might look a but daunting, it really isn't - and we are always here to help anyway.

Where to back-up all this lot? Best to have an external USB hard drive to save your back-ups to.

When you first use Acronis you are prompted to create a Rescue CD, which again is quite easy following the on-screen instructions. Then in the event of a catastrophic failure when for instance, your system will not start at all, this is when the Rescue disk comes into its own, having the ability to re-start your system to enable your full back-up to be Restored - exactly as it was when you created the back-up in the first place.

  exdragon 08:19 06 Nov 2007

Can I join in here, please? Do you still need to create a rescue disk even if the CD is bootable? I've got TI v10.

  Technotiger 08:25 06 Nov 2007

No, the original Acronis CD is also the Rescue CD - though I don't have an original myself as my Acronis 11 is a downloaded version.

  [email protected] 20:19 06 Nov 2007

Acronis will make a image of your hard drive,on your external hard drive(preferred method).
As The guys have said Acronis is a wonderful tool.
When you create an image, think of this as a virtual installation cd.
What you do is clone a image of your hard drive,this has your complete operating system as it stands at the time of image creation.Operating system,service packs,updates,documents,favorites,email settings,playlists absolutely everything for you to reinstall so to speak.
To restore the back up image,You can either boot from the acronis cd provided or create a boot disc(recommend both in case either is lost or damaged)
Then if you get a problem, either a failed hard drive or virus whatever your reason you can be back up and running in no time.When restoring the image,set the bios to boot from Acronis cd or boot cd first,this opens up acronis recovery console,point this to restore the image from your external drive,it will then overwrite your hard drive with the image stored,returning your pc to its former glory.
This process can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the image.
I have several images of my drive to fall back on,in varying stages.My personal favorite is one of when I formatted the Pc,installed service pack2,updated xp via windows update,installed motherboard drivers, applications,defragged and applied any personal settings.So basically Pc was perfect at time of imaging,far better than any os installation disc.
To restore the pc to this condition from the back up image takes less than 10 minutes.
Compare that length of time to one individual spyware (deep) scan or the distress of a failed hard drive.
As you can see i cant speak highly enough of acronis.
Another back up program i like for my documents is EZ back up,set the back up location to your external drive and it backs up your "my docs" for example in no time at all,EZ also includes a scheduled back up option.So if you wished you could restore an image using acronis and still have a up to date back up of the my documents folder stored on your external hard drive.

  NSBT 00:26 07 Nov 2007

Hi *Raven*

What can I say, so much information I’m somewhat stumbled.

OK, I only have basic PC knowledge, I looked at your recommendation, and the link supplied by the guys, and it somewhat confused me, another fm stated it’s fairly easy to follow, I’m afraid I had difficulty.

Firstly, is acronis free because what I was looking at was fee payable, then I got stumbled with what I needed to do, I found this click here page rather confusing, on the images, I’m confused which link I need to use.

The other issue I have, if I use the programme, does it automatically store my details or do I personally have to insert a cd.

Due to your reputation on this forum, and your expert opinion, I’d like to use the programme once I understand it.

I apologise if these questions are repetitive, at the moment I’m taking baby steps re computing.

Thanks very much.

  Gandalph 01:01 07 Nov 2007

If it's a free backup programme you are looking for try XXCLONE. Just Google for the site and download it.

  [email protected] 02:16 07 Nov 2007

Acronis true image isnt free,but if either your internal or external hardrive are seagate or maxtor,there is a free lite version powered by acronis.Although Acronis 10 is still available for about £15
Seagate disc wizard is one of the free tools.This will do the cloning and restoring of your hard drive.
click here

"The other issue I have, if I use the programme, does it automatically store my details or do I personally have to insert a cd".
sorry dont quite understand that one.

If you own a external hard drive the only time you will need a cd is to boot into the programs recovery interface.locate your image on your external drive and restore it.

The best analogy i can thinks of ,is your ripping your hard drive contents to a external hard drive in the form of an image.Then using the boot cd to access the recovery interface and burning the hard drive contents image back onto the hard drive.

If you google "acronis you tube tutorials" seeing it in action may help.It really is easy to use but getting your head round it is the hardest part.
ps NSBT im not an expert in any stretch of the imagination,I just try and help if its something ive experienced,but most has been picked up off other members of the forum.

  NSBT 02:26 07 Nov 2007

OK Raven thanks; I’ll take a further look at the site

You are an “expert” compared to my knowledge


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