What is avserve.exe?

  Cams 12:11 01 May 2004

I leave my WinXP Pro PC running 24/7. I got up this morning to find that Eudora had crashed, the Virtual Memory Low warning was showing and everything was responding incredibly slowly.

So, I rebeooted and was greeted with a Zone Alarm Pro warning requesting permission for avserve.exe to connect to IP Port 445. So I hit No and headed onto the Internet to find out what this was; but I could not connect. Strangely, the laptop that is networked in ad-hoc mode could connect fine so I rebooted and left the ZA warning on the screen. I did manage to connect but could not find anything by searching Google, Symantec and this forum - no mention of avserve.exe whatsoever. I then clicked No on the ZA warning, and got the same result: no connection.

The avserve.exe file resides in C:\Windows so I tried renaming it to .exe.old and, rather than rename, it copied itself and renamed the copy. Then I couldn't delete the copy. However after rebooting, the original file had been renamed to .exe.old and the copy had gone.

My NAV defs are up-to-date as of yesterday so I ran the scanner and got nothing. I also updated and ran Ad-Aware and Spybot. Things seem to be running okay now after renaming the file, but I really would like to know what it was and whether it was suspicious.

Anyone know?


  Cams 13:32 01 May 2004

I just ran the Online virus scanner at Trend Housecall and it picked up four instances of files infected with the WORM SASSER.A, including, you guessed it, the recently renamed avserve.exe.old. So, not only did NAV 2003 not pick it up with the latest defs, there's also nothing about it on the Symantec site, well, the avserve.exe file anyway.

Thankfully, a combination of Zone Alarm and a bit of net savvy as regards online virus scanners has cleaned up my system, but for those a bit less aware, it could spell trouble.

Watch out for this one folks!


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