what is atx 2 standard for PSU?

  herc182 16:38 11 Jul 2005

How do i find out what psu type my mobo accepts? bought it about 3years ago with PC from mesh. asus v7333 (or somthing to that effect).

are the PSU's backward compatible (ie if i buy a psu type ATX2 will it work on any type of mobo?)

  Curio 19:23 11 Jul 2005
  woodchip 19:32 11 Jul 2005

This is easier it got Pictures click here

  Curio 20:50 11 Jul 2005

Great stuff woodchip - its also a day ahead of itself! :>o)

  herc182 13:56 12 Jul 2005

whoa woodchip, great link. will take me a while to read. for those also interested in this post,

"It had to happen sooner or later. A new ATX standard for power supply units is available and is set to replace the current ATX 1.3 standard. It's called ATX12V 2.0.

An adapter is required to be able to use the new 24-pin plug in motherboards that have the current 20-pin connector. Most power supply unit manufacturers include one with their new PSUs, because 20-pin connectors are still being used on most motherboards. A 20-pin power-supply cable also fits into the adapter, making it possible to use an old-style power supply unit with a motherboard that has the new 24-pin connector. "

so you can use the new standard. any recommendations for PSU's welcome.
thanks folks

  herc182 14:02 12 Jul 2005

my mobo is the ASUS V7333 (i believe) and am struggling to find out what power it requires (ie the current it needs from the 12v supply from the PSU). anyone help?


PS dont know where the manual is!

  herc182 14:09 12 Jul 2005

furthermore, is there anything that i need to be careful of when buying the PSU.

I need power for the follwing:

1 x asus v7333 mobo
3 x 512mb ram
1 x 128mb nvidia 6600gt
1 x dvd writer
1 x dvd rom
1 x floppy (although might not reconnect that!)
usb ports.

what i mean is that i can estimate the power usage, but do they all come with the same amount of cables? what about current rating for each wire?

  woodchip 15:48 12 Jul 2005

You need to read the Link that I posted her on the big size 500 or 550watt, also a heavy PSU is better than a light one

  herc182 19:22 12 Jul 2005

thanks woodchip. i was at an internet cafe earlier and was on a timer so couldnt read it! will read and order everything tonight so will be posting here in over the next hour or so!!

thanks a lot

  herc182 20:06 12 Jul 2005

right i have chosen the Tagan TG420-U01 420W ATX2.0 Silent PSU (CA-002-TG) (fourth one down) from

click here

and the AOpen GeForce 6600 GT 128MB DDR3 TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - Retail (GX-007-AO) (last one) from:

click here

comments please? is that PSU good?

  herc182 20:11 12 Jul 2005

for those also interested in this PSU read here:
click here

it rocks!

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