What are your views on lime wire?

  Femme 14:54 04 Jun 2006

Is it safe?
Ive heard some bad press about it

  Ikelos 14:58 04 Jun 2006

what have you heard ?

  Devil Fish 15:04 04 Jun 2006

the software its self is safe

wouldnt trust the downloads though

  Femme 15:10 04 Jun 2006

Its been on two radio pc shows that its full of spyware and plugs up your pc

  Ikelos 15:16 04 Jun 2006

never,ever,had a problem, just have the anti virus and the like set up, and give it a try..

  josie mayhem 15:19 04 Jun 2006

Like with any P2P service provider...

Firstly that many of the files are ilegal copies.

And with ilegal copies of any file increases the risk of introducing virus's, worm ect, some just a pain but others could corrupt your whole system.

Also it expects you to share files with other, so if not set-up properly you could be sharing or leaving open all your files to others across the net! And even you are happy to share files, when people are downloading from your computer it does take up bandwith... Many not be a major problem if using a high speed BB, but could be hassel if on a low BB or dail-up.

If it safe well it properly mid to high risk in saftey depending the source and what your are downloading, and how well you set it up!

  Femme 15:20 04 Jun 2006

It appears that the latest version is much better
Thankyou for your replies

  Shaun_753 15:20 04 Jun 2006

i used something similar in the past, yea it came with spyware, but that can be removed :)

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