What are these on my latop screen and its spreads?

  SJ Stanadar 17:17 09 Jun 2017

They spreads and became darker with time.There are two of them now. PLz help. And reply hurry. What should i do with them. They have no color. I can also see through them a little bit when my pointer is behind it.

  MJS WARLORD 22:30 09 Jun 2017

you need to give more information , you dont say WHAT spread, you need to do prnt screen to take a snap shot and paste it here so we can help you.

  lotvic 23:38 09 Jun 2017

Unless you take a screenshot and host it on an image site and then post it here so we can see it - as per MJS WARLORD's post - Can only guess the cause.

If on the inside of screen they might be condensation. Do a google image search for 'pc monitor condensation' and see if any of the images are like yours.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:33 10 Jun 2017

Could also be "thunder flies"

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