What are these huge uploads

  Barry and Janet 16:49 26 Sep 2011

Hi Guys

Yesterday I left the PC running on its lonesome for about 4 hours. When I returned Windows Task Manager showed I had uploaded 89 Mbytes and today after 2 hours of inactivity it shows 38 Mbytes. On both days I'd checked emails so downloaded less than 1 Mb as also shown in the Windows Task manager. I have Norton 360 doings its bit to protect me.

Who is collecting all of this data? In general terms of course.


  johndrew 18:42 26 Sep 2011

".. I left the PC running on its lonesome .."

Do you think this is wise whilst connected to the internet? Even Norton is not perfect.

Have you run a full AV scan whilst offline with a fully updated set of security software to see if you have been infected? If so what were the results?

Could the downloads have been innocent? Go to MS updates and look at your current status for updates.

  lotvic 18:48 26 Sep 2011

Where in Windows Task Manager does it show those sort of statistics?

I had a look at mine and can't see where it records history of Up/Downloads info...

  Barry and Janet 20:41 26 Sep 2011

In Win Task Man >networking >View >Select Cols

I always show bytes sent and bytes rec'd.

And I'm talking UPLOADS i.e. bytes sent.

Is someone tracking something, or copying my files?


  lotvic 21:30 26 Sep 2011

Right, found it in Task manager. thanks.

If you talking Mb's then does seem a lot, I was going to suggest that it was various programs autochecking with there home server to see if they needed updating.

Maybe you should get one of the monitoring programs that will tell you which programs are accessing what websites. I use Think Broadband meter (it's free) to check my usage and it also tells me how much and which websites. There may be a better way/program that someone else will suggest.

  lotvic 21:32 26 Sep 2011

edit, typo there (home server) = their

  Barry and Janet 21:55 26 Sep 2011

Monitoring progs? WTM shows running process' and by tapping CPU or Memory I can see which are the busy progs, but of course, as soon as the PC comes out of screen saver the upload stops so WTM shows no progs busy.

Normally WTM is very useful but not this time.

Yes its a big upload. In a normal day I rarely download that much.


  mobing 08:29 28 Sep 2011

if i were you ,i will stop and restart it ,sometimes it will be the bad connection of the website !

  woodchip 18:19 03 Oct 2011

Your PC may be being used to Spam other PC's. You need to do some checking or Set you Firewall to block the Uploads You can also do this in most Routers

  recap 14:13 04 Oct 2011

You say "as soon as the PC comes out of screen saver the upload stops", I would suggest you turn off the screen saver and see what happens with any uploads.

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