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What are these files?

  BT 09:49 09 Feb 2004

My windows folder is constantly accumulating vast numbers of these files which are labelled as .tmp files 0 bytes. I deleted 1300 of them yesterday and already there are about another 100 there this morning


All the files seem to start with the ff bit and the rest of it is different combinations of letters and numbers. Deleting them doesn't seem to bother anything.

I am using Windows ME

  BT 09:03 12 Feb 2004

I have Hide Protected System Files ticked 'on' in Folder Options but these files are still visible. How do I find and turn off Find Fast?

  BT 18:12 16 Feb 2004


Thanks for your info but I don't have Find Fast in my Control Panel. The site you directed me to was for Office 2000. I am running Office XP on Windows ME and the site doesn't even mention Office XP

  BT 08:54 17 Feb 2004

Tried this but Fast Search is not installed. These files are coming up even if I am not using WORD so I think something else is generating them.

  BT 10:19 21 Feb 2004

Tried all this but still no joy

  BT 08:54 22 Feb 2004

Thanks for your help. I have tried all you suggest but I have searched several times and just can't find mdm.exe

  powerless 08:59 22 Feb 2004

What AV app do you use?

  BT 10:09 22 Feb 2004

If you mean Windows Media Player or Winamp by AV app, I have both installed.
I have Pinnacle Studio for Video Editing

  BT 09:19 10 Oct 2004

Seem to have solved the problem. I recently reformatted my Hard Drive and reinstalled Windows and the problem seems to have disappeared.

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