what are these?

  aboutit 10:16 10 Feb 2007

I have been to told to use a static address for my print server but I`m confused I use BT Home Hub and my broadband network IP address starts 81 then when I go further into IP addresses I can see 3 static address the first is the 192. address then there is one which starts with a 10 and the other is 172 can anyone please explain what these are and which I would need for the static IP for the print server many thanks

  mgmcc 12:14 10 Feb 2007

I'm not sure what you are looking at but it appears to be the IP address ranges that are reserved by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) for use in Local Area Networks: - - -

You will almost certainly be using addresses in a 192.168.x.x range with your Home Hub, so you want to give the Print Server a fixed IP address in the same range (Subnet). For example, if the Home Hub's IP address is and your PC has been allocated an address of by the Hub, then give the Print Server a fixed address of with the Subnet Mask address of

The first three "octets" (numbers) of the IP address must be the same for all devices in your network, but you can give the Print Server a fourth "octet" of any number between 1 and 254 that isn't already in use. The numbers in use will be those of the Hub itself and any network adapters that are connected to it.

The IP address starting with "81" will be the one allocated by your ISP to your broadband connection - your "public" IP address.

  aboutit 14:46 10 Feb 2007

Many thanks the rint server is a Linsky and the IP address coming up for it is a 169 address I`ve tried resetting, unplugging and resetting and everything but the Ip address won`t change

  mgmcc 15:03 10 Feb 2007

If the Print Server has a 169.254.x.x address it is because it has been unable to get an address automatically from the router. As I suggested, give it a fixed IP address in the same range as the router.

  aboutit 15:48 10 Feb 2007

I can`t change the ip address of the print server there`s no where to change it

  recap 19:43 10 Feb 2007

aboutit, if you do not have the user manual, click here and select your device from the drop down list, and select the user manual to download. It gives instructions on how to install the print driver and it's IP address.

  aboutit 10:07 11 Feb 2007

thanks fpr the information but you have to enter the ip address in the internet address bar in order to bring up the screen to cange the ip address. the ip address showing on the print server 169 etc won`t register and the reset button won`t change it

  mgmcc 09:11 13 Feb 2007

The Print Server's software should let you change its IP address. It sounds as though it is currently set to get its address automatically but, being unable to access the router's DHCP server, is defaulting to a "169.254" address.

I have a Linksys Print Server which I have given a fixed address in the same Subnet as the router - in my case the Print Server has the address with Subnet Mask and Gateway (router's IP address)

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