What are the risks of buying this laptop?

  Jimmeke123 23:53 02 Jun 2018

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to buy a new laptop for school, but since I'm a student I don't have thousands to spend so I found a used acer predator helios 300 (gtx 1060). I met up with the guy and everything seemed fine, but he told me how he had upgraded the standard ram (8gb+2gb) to 2X8gb. Now i have never heard of a laptop that comes out of the factory with 10gb's of ram so i looked it up and could only find it with 8/16gb. I still really want the laptop and he said i can have both the ram sticks and just change it back to the 10gbs if i wanted to in case i need to use the waranty, and i know that you can upgrade it buy only using 1 screw and the waranty still being legit, and he told me he doesn't know why it came with 10gb of ram. He did legitimately buy it from the store he said he did, i've seen the receipt and it's fine. He thinks that they just had a "spare 2gbs of ram" but that seems unlikely to me. Ofcourse I don't mind the extra ram but could there be anything wrong with the story? i dont want it to break down after a month. He seemed like a legit nice person and I didn't get any bad vibes from him but it's a pretty good deal for the laptop so i do want it,

My question: what are my risks with buying this... i've seen the MYPC--->Properties and it's with 16gbs of ram and the cpu&gpu are fine but it's just a weird thing.

Thanks in advance, JL

  rdave13 00:09 03 Jun 2018

The risk in buying this laptop is showing in your post. No warranty so could be belly up in a few days. If its too good to be true then don't buy it. The simple fact that you're asking here seems you have doubt enough about the deal. Listen to your instincts.

  Jimmeke123 00:16 03 Jun 2018

Well the thing is it will still have a legit warranty i've looked it up. But I think i will indeed go with my instinct and just look for another one. thanks anyways!

  rdave13 00:25 03 Jun 2018

Well the thing is it will still have a legit warranty i've looked it up. But I think i will indeed go with my instinct and just look for another one. thanks anyways!

Possibly a good decision as the warranty will be tied to the receipt of sale. Your name and credit/ debit details won't match anyways.

  Jimmeke123 00:48 03 Jun 2018

Actually no, In my country at least, If I have proof i bought it from him it's enough to pass over the warranty and if i would have proof he sold me a faulty product i could sue him pretty easily (which ofcourse would be stupid but you know what i mean). Anyways im just going to take the safe path and just get a laptop that's not been messed with. thanks for the help @rdave13!

  rdave13 01:09 03 Jun 2018

Jimmeke123 , many thanks for your feedback, most welcomed. Hope you get your 'reasonably priced lappy'. Check for refurbished laptops from a reputable company in your country. Make sure you read the reviews and have at least a 12 month Warranty tied in with the sale.

Wish you the best of luck.

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