what are PCMCIA sockets for

  nazrat 20:06 20 May 2003

What are PCMCIA sockets for i would like to know if anyone can help please

  expertec 20:08 20 May 2003

Definition for: PCMCIA card

(Personal Computer Memory Card International Association card).A lightweight, removable module about the size of a credit card that adds features to a portable computer.Its official name is the PC Card.A PCMCIA card may add memory, modem and networking capability, a radio transceiver, more hard drive space, or enhanced sound.It is a plug and play device which uses a 16-bit socket and a 68-pin connector.

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to put it simply pcmcia slots are an interfacefor laptop peripherals such as cd rom drives and modems

  Gemma 20:11 20 May 2003

Short for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, and pronounced as separate letters, PCMCIA is an organization consisting of some 500 companies that has developed a standard for small, credit card-sized devices, called PC Cards. Originally designed for adding memory to portable computers, the PCMCIA standard has been expanded several times and is now suitable for many types of devices. There are in fact three types of PCMCIA cards. All three have the same rectangular size (85.6 by 54 millimeters), but different widths
Type I cards can be up to 3.3 mm thick, and are used primarily for adding additional ROM or RAM to a computer.
Type II cards can be up to 5.5 mm thick. These cards are often used for modem and fax modem cards.
Type III cards can be up to 10.5 mm thick, which is sufficiently large for portable disk drives.
As with the cards, PCMCIA slots also come in three sizes:

A Type I slot can hold one Type I card
A Type II slot can hold one Type II card or one Type I card
A Type III slot can hold one Type III card or any combination of two Type I or II cards.
In general, you can exchange PC Cards on the fly, without rebooting your computer. For example, you can slip in a fax modem card when you want to send a fax and then, when you're done, replace the fax modem card with a memory card.

  nazrat 20:20 20 May 2003

i can add more memory and a External CD-Drive then thanks Gemma, Horiz5 and expertec

  nazrat 18:44 21 May 2003

Where can i buy the external CD drive on the internet can please someone give me a web address!!!!!!!!


  Belatucadrus 19:49 21 May 2003
  nazrat 20:06 21 May 2003

them ones were quite expensive i want a nice cheap one

  Forum Editor 20:34 21 May 2003

on my laptop for a wireless network card - and many people are doing the same these days.

You'll find that CD ROM drives which operate via the card slot tend to be a tad expensive. If you've got a USB port on the laptop you can get a CD ROM drive that uses that for under £60. There are PCMCIA drives for about £10 more than that, but they won't look quite as sleek as the one on the Dabs link
click here take a look.

  Min Clifford 20:38 21 May 2003

Also worth mentioning you can add PCMCIA slots to desktop computers. Often have to plug in a PCI card that links to a PCMCIA slot that takes up a spare cd drive bay or floppy disk bay.

  nazrat 21:15 21 May 2003

forum the link does not work

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