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What are my options - faulty everything

  Andromeda4482 00:48 09 Oct 2016

My PC has, in my opinion has been haunted since I built it 3 years ago, let me take you back; I built the PC in 2013, the specs consisted of a CX 500 PSU, R9 280x GPU, AMD FX 8350 CPU and a gygabyte mobo, in February of 2014 the south bride broke, me and my friend she concluded it was a faulty motherboard. For about a year I used a USB sound card and dongle. At the end of 2014 I put a new ASRock extreme 3 motherboard in. And I also got a new cooler for my CPU. In the February of 2015 my south bridge stoped working, even tho this was a completely different, new motherboard, however these problems only lasted a for a short while. In that time my disk drive had stopped working, so I had a new one ordered, when installing the new disk drive, the old disk drive worked fine, windows 8 was for some unknown reason stooping my disk drive from working. Any ways, this year, I decided to format my hard drives and reinstall windows 10, the hard drives corrupted and I could never pass the bios. I had my much more advance friend come round, to which he whiteness the true reality of my haunted PC. We first reset the cmos, then when we connected my PC back up, no monitors got single, fortunately he had his 750 TI on him, which he installed and the monitors worked fine, when he entered the bios, the mouse and arrow keys were some how inverted, the mouse was 'teleporting' arround and was at a stupid sensitivity. He took his GPU out and put mine in, to which the monitor would have signle, but when he turned my second monitor on, the GPU roared along with every fan in my PC, so we instantly turned it off and disconnected all power. Right now I feel all my parts are fried.

My main problem is; this PC is mainly for my education. I do game on it, but I spend most of my time making CGI. All these problems could be a result of a faulty power supply; how ever it's a very good PSU and has a very good reputation. It still has warranty, but I feel if it comes back from a RMA not faulty, I have to pay with money I don't have. Not only that I'll have no clue what part could of caused all these problems. Nothing makes sense any more, half these problems, you could not make happen if you wanted to. An inverted keyboard, how does that even happen.

Thanks for any help.

I have done my best to make sure that this is readable. I am English, how ever this iPad is old and IOS 10 has made it practically unusable, or I've cursed it like every other machine I touch.

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