What are Metta Tags

  450223 11:58 30 Jul 2004

In 'laymans'or non technical terms What are Metta Tags? How should I choose what to use? Are Metta Taggs one word or two words ie, **** in **** or ***** at ***** Are there diiferent forms of Metta Tags? Iv'e heard something about header tags.

I have looked on Google but what is there is technical stuff and a bit beond me at the moment.

Many thanks.

  iambeavis 12:39 30 Jul 2004

This site is fairly easy to understand click here

  Chegs ® 13:17 30 Jul 2004

Usually,metatags are "keywords" hidden in the HTML of webpages to enable folk to find these pages via search engines(google,etc)The "keywords" are located by the search engines "search bots" which crawl the web and report their findings back to the search engine,which then rank them.

  450223 15:49 31 Jul 2004

Many thanks from 450223 I have printed off the pages on the internet sites concerned.

This has raised another question in my head... How do I submite my companies website to the search engines?

Many thanks.

  Chegs ® 19:45 31 Jul 2004

Have a look in Web Design,its been asked there before. :-)

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