What are DispJPNT.exe & csrfu.exe?

  lemon2 19:13 22 Jun 2005

Anyone know what these are?

I have Googled for both of them individually, and have resulted in absolutely no returned pages or references.

The reason I ask, I have been sterilising a Windows 98SE computer on a rather old Compaq Presario 7484 (500Mhz CPU, 64Mb SDRAM) for a computer illiterate mate (no AV, no firewall, never had done any maintainance - you know the sort!)

Having run all the usual scanners and removed 196 invidual malware/spyware executables, 91 viruses, 18 worms and 2 keyloggers; neither DispJPNT.exe and csrfu.exe were highlighted by any of my scans as being malignant.

I've searched the entire hard drive for them - they don't exist as exe files now, only as running processes in the systray; I've disabled them from running for the moment which hasn't affected the computer adversely.

Neither are referenced in the registry apart from DispJPNT which has a LGC file, in Windows\Applog

I wondered what they were as I've never come across them before.

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