what are the detail settings for the 6600gt?

  herc182 18:44 19 Jul 2005

i have core clock frequency at 300Mhz and memory clock frequency at 900mhz. i think this is too low. anyone put me right?

  herc182 18:52 19 Jul 2005

i went on to the overclocking tab on the nvidia driver dialog and pressed manual overclocking. i then set it to "performace 3D" and hit "detect optimal frequencies". this spent some 3 mins testing then changed my frequencies from 300 and 900 to something like 525mhz and 1.1ghz (for core clock and memory clock respectively).

Does that mean it is safe to run at those settings?


  herc182 19:24 19 Jul 2005

anyone? thanks

  herc182 19:42 19 Jul 2005

that thread (i just noticed!) should read "DEFAULT" settings

  herc182 21:55 19 Jul 2005

also, how do i know that the currrent settings i chose to have will be ok in the long run. ie if there are problems will computer hang/reboot or will it just continue to burn the card until its unusable?


  dagwoood 22:14 19 Jul 2005

herc182, the optimal settings it has detected are what it considers to be stable, but they aren't necessarily good for your card.

The stock heatsinks and fan assemblies that most graphics cards come with aren't up to the job of aggressive overclocking. The memory on these cards have a passive heatsink, i.e.no fan, just rely on heat radiating away from the fins. I'd be very careful running the memory at those speed(1100MHz) without some extra cooling of some sort.

If you overclock too much, yes, it'll fry your card.

As to it showing that the GPU is running at 300MHz, that is the speed it runs at when in 2D mode. When you run a 3D game/benchmark, the speed rises to 450MHz on your card. 900MHz is also the correct value for your memory speed(it is the Leadtek card you bought?).

  herc182 23:09 19 Jul 2005

i have the AOPEN card. the card also came with a fan on it as well as heatsink. and i am constantly monitoring the temperature of the GPU (which rarely goes over 50 degrees). i take it that the temp is a good indicator of the "overclocking"?

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