What are "data miners" ?

  Alan Ryan 13:07 28 Sep 2003

When I run the Ad-aware scan, it always detects a number of objects called "data miners". I have been deleting them, but I'm not sure they are a potential threat to the system. Am I right in thinking they are just harmless flotsam picked up when surfing the net ?

  mark500 13:25 28 Sep 2003

Just little progs that examine your surfing habits and direct the info back to the author/company. You can then be used for targeted advertising. They are of no real threat and deleting them is OK!

  Chegs ® 13:26 28 Sep 2003

Spyware/adverts placed on your system to log and report your surfing habits,used by companies to "send only ads you will want" but really just cookies with no sinister Big Brother motives.

  -pops- 13:34 28 Sep 2003

I think Spywareblaster will stop them being installed click here

  Alan Ryan 13:34 28 Sep 2003

Thanks for your responses. I now know exactly what the data miners are up to. I had guessed that they weren't harmful lodgers, but wasn't sure why Ad-aware should bother detecting them.

  Alan Ryan 13:36 28 Sep 2003

Is it worth adding the spyblaster to the Ad-aware scanner ?

  -pops- 14:20 28 Sep 2003

Most definitely!!!!!!!!

Will stop almost all the things that Ad-aware finds so, using that becomes just a routine check.

Just make sure (as with Ad-aware) that you keep them up to date.

  wee eddie 17:02 28 Sep 2003

Makes my screen move up or down here as I try to click over a link.

I think that I must be picking that up, either here, in Yahoo Groups, or on Google. I just run Adaware and delete it when that starts happening

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