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What are the damages on my pc and what happened

  Ly01 04:55 02 Jul 2018

I dropped my pc off my bed and here are some details:

click here

  mole44 05:17 02 Jul 2018

So does it still work we need more details,as for using it on a bed stupidity indeed the machine needs air forr cooling not a duvet to keep it warm.

  Ly01 08:28 02 Jul 2018

Yh it works fine atm

  john bunyan 08:38 02 Jul 2018

More danger of not using it on a flat , hard , surface such as a tray. My granddaughter fried a motherboard on a laptop by not doing so.

  wee eddie 13:23 02 Jul 2018

If it is still working, you are incredibly lucky.

It must have hit something, very, very hard to do that damage. Were you in the top bunk?

You would be well advised to create some form of back-up, just in case the hard drive was damaged. If it was, tough

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:41 04 Jul 2018

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