what are the causes of slow computer?

  kromy1994 21:11 25 Apr 2018

Hi I have a pc with high specs but unfortunately, it slows down from time to time so I checked the usage of the processor and ram [i7 processor and 64 Gb of ram] then I noticed that there are no pressure on the processor or the ram, so I thought it may be the heat that is causing the pc to slow down but when I checked the temperature of the cpu it was 57C maximum, and then I said it may be the viruses so I formatted the pc and reinsstalled windows 10, still my pc is slow !!!, and now I have no clue why is my pc slowing down.

It slows down for seconds and then returns to normal, If it happens once in an hour I would be ok with it but it happens very often, what makes me confused is that I have a pretty powerful pc and It is slow how that happens.

Note: It wasn't like this when I bought it it was fast but after 4 years it became slow.

sorry for the basic English, English is not my mother language.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 25 Apr 2018

if its not

  1. virus / malware
  2. program using too much memory
  3. full hard drives
  4. windows system problems
  5. heat

I suggest you next look at the state of your hard drives SMART status and run a deep memory test.

  kromy1994 21:21 25 Apr 2018

It is none of the points you mentioned, and about the hard drive, I have a new ssd.

  kromy1994 21:31 25 Apr 2018

what do you mean by windows system problems?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 25 Apr 2018

corrupt system files but if you have reinstalled it can't be that, you have eliminated software problems so that leaves hardware.

if its a new SSD then memory is the next likely culprit run a memtest.

What at the psu voltages like? cause if it isn't memory then psu and motherboard are alls that left.

  christinebelle 10:50 26 Apr 2018

On the basis of that fact, as for what causes a computer to freeze or hang, they are mainly:

  1. Full Disk usage on Windows 10.

  2. Memory issues.

  3. Corrupted files.

  4. Outdated or incompatible drivers.

  5. Recently installed third-party software.

  6. Problematic Power settings.

  7. Overheating.

  8. System error.

And you can get more information from here: click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 26 Apr 2018

A BIOS update is a last resort and shouldn't be used lightly as a failed BIOS update will result in your machine turning into nothing but a doorstop. :0(

  danielrt 07:51 27 Apr 2018

The slow computer is because it may have virus, which is effected this might be the reason of the slow computer.

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