What are the best graphics cards and where to buy

  jaunitauk 12:43 01 Sep 2003

Price range about 50 to 150 quid

Also where can you get the cheapest graphics cards ive been on ebay and loot

  medicine hat 13:59 01 Sep 2003

Graphics cards are reviewed: click here

Cheapest place for a new one is probably Ebuyer

  goonerbill 18:11 01 Sep 2003

go to this site click here it lists all graphics cards and many other things by price and retailer including ebuyer showing which is the cheapest.

so now all ya got to do is choose which card ya after

  malgall 18:38 01 Sep 2003

first nvidia or Ati

i have been looking for a new 3d card at the top end of your price range and i have a nvidia card geforce 2 now i have been happy with it for a couple of years so i decided to stick with nvidia but which one at that price you choice is

5200 64 0r 128mb ram for £50 plus
5200 ultra £90 plus
5600 £100 plus
5600 ultra £130 plus

you can get older 4200 or 4800
but i prefer the newer models
i intend to buy the msi 5600 or 5600 ultra
because the fans on them are quiet
for you it depends on price and what system
you have the faster cpu the more you will use
the faster 3d cards

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