What are the basic functions of servers?

  rickf 21:51 28 Jun 2003

Hi All,
I am quite proficient at building pcs now and would like to move on a bit. Can someone tell me the basic uses of servers and how are the cases different? Thanks.

  rickf 22:41 28 Jun 2003

Thanks for your input Radfordin. I am naturally curious since being interested in PCs.

  Forum Editor 23:03 28 Jun 2003

is simply a computer that handles requests from other computers - it 'serves' them what they want.

A normal PC can act as a perfectly adequate server, provided it isn't stressed too highly. To be an efficient server a machine must be capable of handling a large number or requests simultaneously, and for this it will need a fast processor (or more typically processors), a large, fast hard drive or drives and lots of RAM. It will also need to run an efficient, dependable and stable operating system.

  powerless 04:28 29 Jun 2003
  rickf 08:47 29 Jun 2003

Don't know what to say! Such generous and knowledgeable contribtuions. I don't have any further questions at the moment as I need time to digest all this. I tend to think in human terms about the workings of computers. EG. a h/d is like some sort of store/ used to be drawer when they used to be 10g/15g and defragmenting is like stock taking and so on. I found this easier for people to understand when they asked me questions. Thank you all.

  rickf 09:11 29 Jun 2003

Just have another thought. In a domestic situation it would be easier to network using say my adsl modem router than a server. With wireless networking advancing fast would it mean that servers are becoming redundant? I suppose the advantage of servers over router networking is that the former can connect up more devices. Am I correct in this assumption?

  rickf 16:55 29 Jun 2003

Thanks all. Will close this thread for now.

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