What are ATA100 connectors?

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On my mobo I have two pairs of connectors for HD, CDRWs etc. One pair is labelled as "Primary/secondary ATA 100" and the other "pri/sec IDE". If I put the CDRW on the ATA 100 connectors I get "sec master fails" on boot up. But all's OK if I do the std thing and connect the CDRW via the std IDE connector. This solves my problem in my last post but I'd be very grateful for clarification

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  [DELETED] 10:42 15 Oct 2003

So, the ata connectors are only for connecting serial ATA hard drives to?

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It sounds to me like the connectors have the following functions:

Primary ATA 100 - Master 1
Primary IDE - Slave 1
Secondary ATA 100 - Master 2
Secondary IDE - Slave 2

Therefore if you attempt to attach a cd drive to one of the masters it won't work. (Remember that cd drives use ATAPI which allows them to use the IDE bus, but they are not technically IDE devices!)

If anyone needs clarification on anything to do with IDE then click here
This site was a great help in passing my CompTIA A+ certification and has all the information you could possibly want regarding IDE/ATA (which is the same thing).

  [DELETED] 10:53 15 Oct 2003

By the way what motherboard is it?

  [DELETED] 10:57 15 Oct 2003

will read section and close if clarified , for me lol

  [DELETED] 10:57 15 Oct 2003

Sorry about that list it didn't post very well.

If the connectors were for SATA (Serial ATA) I believe they would be labeled as SATA 150 connectors because current Serial ATA drives use a 150 MB/s transfer rate, and not 100 MB/s (ATA 100).

  [DELETED] 11:03 15 Oct 2003

A7V, bus clock 100MHz, Award BIOS. Is that enough....can't see any more on mobo. Belarc gives just that above

  [DELETED] 11:19 15 Oct 2003

If you have a motherboard manual for your computer it should describe what all the connectors are and what they do (as well as telling you the actual model). The A7V could be any of a number of boards.

You can always head to the ASUS website click here and try to find information there.

  [DELETED] 11:36 15 Oct 2003

Thanks, again. The manual states there are 2 IDE connectors (ultra DMA/66 support) and 2 IDE connectors ( Ultra DMA/100 support). Not sure what that means, tho. Partic as 2 are labelled as "pri/sec ATA 100" on mobo

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