What anti-virus software should i choose??

  freddy-firecracker 14:22 13 Oct 2004

Got a cybermaxx pc which had e-trust anti-virus software installed. The software has just expired (90 day limit) what software should i go with now. I have SP2 installed and have looked at prices on e bay for norton, mcafee, panda and e-trust. Should i go with E-trust again or should i pick one of the others or download AVG. Don't know if i will be better sticking with e-trust??

cheers FF

  JonnyTub 14:24 13 Oct 2004

Avg, free, comprehensive and reguarly updated, no complaints here and highly recommended

  JonnyTub 14:24 13 Oct 2004

Why part with your hard earned cash?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 13 Oct 2004

Avast is also good - certainly I like it a lot:

click here

  ribo 14:28 13 Oct 2004

I have the pro.(paid version) of AVG and much prefer it to Norton,which I unistalled after problems with 2003 and SP 2. Symantec were no help to me. J

  SANTOS7 15:24 13 Oct 2004

click here try the AVG beta7 version, its free also, if you don't like it its only cost you time not money,good luck..........

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