What Anti Virus is it best to to use

  ponytail 13:05 23 Jan 2019

I currently run Bullguard on my laptop and it covers me for three machines.I took it for a cleanup yesterday and the man who did the work said he would rather have Malwarebytes than Bullguard but when I looked I could only see cover for one machine and that cost more than the Bullguard I currently use.On checking online I saw that AVG was supposed to be very good if you get the paid for version.But there seem to be so much choice.I do need cover for two machines so any advice would be much appreciated.

  wee eddie 13:10 23 Jan 2019

I use Kaspersky but I have heard nothing to indicate that Bullguard is letting you down

  Menzie 13:30 23 Jan 2019

Bullguard is doing what it does but there is a huge difference between spyware/malware and viruses.

Malwarebytes offers some of the best protection against the former.

Keep your antivirus, install Malwarebytes Free and just run a weekly scan. You'll get the scanning benefits of Malwarebytes with your standard virus scanner doing what it needs to do as well.

I run Bitdefender antivirus on my PC along with Malwarebytes Pro.

Also remember the most important thing to a PC's health is the user. You can have all the protection you want but if you are on the shady side of the internet things can still happen.

I remember working in an office, they had the fancy corporate firewall, security software and limited browsing. Still didn't stop someone clicking on a fishy email and infecting the network.

  john bunyan 14:14 23 Jan 2019

Also see this similar thread

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  john bunyan 14:35 23 Jan 2019

Also see this thread. None of your recent enquiries are green ticked.

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  ponytail 09:44 24 Jan 2019

So I could keep bullguard and add Malwarebytes free edition would that work.I forgot to mention I have ccleaner free edition installed.Thanks for the replies much appreciated

  Zoro 17:08 27 Jan 2019

Anyone here using Windows Defender?

  john bunyan 17:49 27 Jan 2019

Yes; see other thread.

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  KEITH 1955 23:17 27 Jan 2019

I scan with windows defender once a month , I have used my spare pc to experiment with all sorts of av and av type software , Malwarebytes FINDS things MacAfee misses , avg wont let you ( or at least me ) use Malwarebytes.

After years of using resourse hogging Norton 360 , for the past 3 years I have used paid for Kaspersky.

Find a av you feel comfortable with plus use loads of other "nasty" program trappers BUT don't have them running in the background , use them as scanners if and when you think you need them , if you have lots of security programs running in the background they argue with each other and cause more problems than they solve.

  ponytail 09:55 31 Jan 2019

I am going to keep Bullguard and install Malwarebytes free edition and do a regular scan with it so thanks for all the replies.

  Forum Editor 15:56 02 Feb 2019

"...avg wont let you ( or at least me ) use Malwarebytes."

I use both on the same machine without any apparent problems.

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