What anti virus and firewall?

  j3nks 15:58 24 Apr 2005

Ok guess I will probably get a lot of replies but my anti virus and fire wall are up for renewall and would like to know if there are any your recomend that have a trial download so I can try them before sending any money.
I have been using Panda anti virus and Zone Alarm firewall.

  stalion 16:02 24 Apr 2005
  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:04 24 Apr 2005

There is no differnce between the AV and firewalls. They are all good and will do the job. AVG and Sygate seem to be favoured here. You don't need to 'trial' them and there is NO point in home users paying for a firewall or AV.


  j3nks 15:15 29 Apr 2005

Cant beleive this got only 2 responses and as for free AV being as good as paid ones I have experience to disprove this!

  GroupFC 15:23 29 Apr 2005

If that is the case why don't you just go with what you are happy with!

I think if more people had seen your question you would have got almost as many answers as there are members of the forum! You obviously posted at a quiet time!

  Curio 15:24 29 Apr 2005

Am running V-Vom Suite System 5. Has AV, Firewall and a number of programmes to keep your PC sweet. Got it a bargain price at Amazon. Keeps me happy

  Curio 15:25 29 Apr 2005

Make that V-Com suite 5

  j3nks 15:35 29 Apr 2005

The Panda antivirus although very good kept crashing, not sure if it's basic firewall was causing problems with Zone alarm. If you turn off the firewall in Panda it keeps reminding you that your PC is not protected and you need to turn it on. A real pain.

I just want to try some others to see what they offer.
Anyone suggest some trustworthy sites with comparisons of anti virus (ie those not sponsored by the product that is top of the list)

  Pooke100 16:25 29 Apr 2005

I had Norton Internet Security 2005, paid forty quid for it and kept it 3 months then ditched it for AVG free and Sygate free firewall and HAVE NOT regretted the move.

Wish I had a spent the money on some hardware though, like a little 80gb HDD for example. Norton was absolutely awful, my childhood Commodore 64 ran more smoothly than my new PC did with that rubbish installed. It flies along now!!

What I'm using is AVG, Sygate, MS antispy, spybot and ad-aware, also regularly check for windows updates and use some common sense when online too. My machine is as safe as it needs to be and it never cost a penny to do it.


  mr beanz 17:17 29 Apr 2005

pooke100 exactly same set up as me--i've never looked back, all are excellent free programmes

  mr beanz 17:18 29 Apr 2005

Win-Patrol is useful free tool also :)

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