What amp fuse isnside a 300w PSU?

  ACOLYTE 21:25 22 Nov 2005

The fuse has blown in a PSU i have its a 300w model i can see the fuse but cant find the wattage of it just says 250v on the fuse itself.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 22 Nov 2005

Is it a Glass fuse?

You may see a T on it for time delay its probably approx 1 1/2 A, one point five amperes.

See if you can see TI.5A on the cap at one end.

300 divided by 220 = 1.5 (near enough)

  ACOLYTE 22:12 22 Nov 2005

I have looked on the fuse and there is nothing but the 250v,it is a glass fuse,i am getting a new PSU but in the mean time i am going to patch it with fuse wire and wondered what size to use?.

  €dstowe 22:13 22 Nov 2005

Fuse don't blow without cause. It would be wise to look for the reason it failed - especially if a replacement fails soon after insertion..

  ACOLYTE 22:18 22 Nov 2005

Well,i dont really know why it blew it was working fine i had the pc running ok then shut it down for the night and it wouldnt start the next day,at first i thought it may be the on/off button,but closer inspection revealed the blown fuse.I need to get the pc running if only for an hour i have files i need to transfer and i cant get a replacement PSU till the weekend.So i thought if i used fuse wire i could get it running but i dont know what size to use.

  DieSse 00:32 23 Nov 2005

If you bridge a blown fuse in a PSU you risk your PC. PSU fuses don't normally blow except for good reasons - the good reason being that 99% probability there is a PSU fault.

  ACOLYTE 11:14 23 Nov 2005

Ok,i have taken on board what you guys have said,but don't fuses just blow? they have a limited life expectancy,i have known fuses blow in other things just because they have,,like in a plug you just replace the fuse and plug back in you dont throw away the TV or whatever it was attached to,it doesn't necessarily mean that anything else is wrong just a dodgy fuse.I am going to get a new PSU i just need this one working for a while,would 5 amp fuse wire be enough?.

  Confab 12:15 23 Nov 2005

I did a similar thing to you when a PSU fuse blew in an old PC of mine. I temporarily replaced it with a higher rated fuse. When I turned the PC on there was a loud crack and the whole PSU blew. I vas very lucky not to have destroyed my PC.

Don’t risk it

  DieSse 12:27 23 Nov 2005

If the PSU is faulty and you fit 5amp fuse wire, possibly the whole thing will go bang.

I've seen total disasters with faulty PSUs - virtually everything in the PC destroyed.

If you want to risk that don't say you weren't warned.

  David4637 13:26 23 Nov 2005

It could be a lazy fuse that has just blown by fatigue. I would suggest if you can not disconnect the power leads from the PSU output and check there is not a short circuit you replace the glass fuse with say a 2 amp. If that blows straight away then you need to get the PSU checked out. David

  woodchip 13:33 23 Nov 2005

What you should ask, is why did it blow. Before putting a new one in it. A fuse is like a Light bulb and not always blows when it's shorted, they also just burn out with age, Like me. Before Relacing remove some hardware like extra PCI cards and very minimum drives, remove power plugs from drives, only leave one CD or DVD and one Hard Drive with the OS on it. then try with a new fuse. See how it goes, and put one item of hardware back at a time. You may be asking too much from a 300watt PSU this could also be the cause of the fuse blowing

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