What is an Alexa trend/rank?

  Red Devil 10:57 14 Nov 2005

I've done a WHOIS search on all me websites and they all return that they're active (which I would expect) but that they have no Alexa trend/rank.

Just what is an Alexa trend/rank and should I be concerned that I don't have one?

If so, then how do I get ranked and how would I improve my ranking?


  Forum Editor 18:22 14 Nov 2005

that you don't have an Alexa trend rank.

This refers to statistics compiled from the web habits of people who are running an Alexa toolbar, and as such it's just another set of figures - quite useful sometimes, but just another set of figures all the same.

click here for more information

  Red Devil 09:53 16 Nov 2005

Cheers for that. I won't worry about it now! ;)

  natadd 02:56 20 Nov 2005

I just came across the same notice in a whois search. Thanks for the info. But I first thought i finally found sth that exists according to some friends friend, but I cant believe:

This friends friend is doing a lot of money on the internet. He told that he is able to look up the hits per month of ANY site on the internet.

Does anyone have a clue how this is possible, cause I think it ain't..?

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