What ad-blocker should I use for IE?

  User-361D919A-9369-49DD-BB21C57F113ABA43 12:35 17 Mar 2010

Hi am currently using IE7 Pro. I doesn't take advantage of the free space unlike foof in Firefox. Could anyone recommend another Ad Blocker.

  northumbria61 13:27 17 Mar 2010
  birdface 14:27 17 Mar 2010

I also use IE7Pro Add-On.I have looked for a better one but can't find any.
So maybe we have to stick with what we have.
I know there is a way to use Ad-blocker from Firefox with I/Explorer but I will stay with IE7 pro until I find something better.

  sunnystaines 15:01 17 Mar 2010

ie7pro too,

it must be due an update soon

Thanks. I will keep this thread open.

  Miké 19:15 19 Mar 2010

just click here

Thanks Mike

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