What about this and P4

  woodchip 23:22 10 May 2004

The current line of top-end Pentium 4s each consume 100 watts, or more than most household lightbulbs. Much of that energy is lost in leakage. By making a dual-core chip with each chip running at a moderate speed, Intel can increase peformance and reduce power consumption.

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"The Pentium 4 has just not delivered what it should have. It was a billion-dollar effort," he said, adding "AMD will totally kill them on benchmarks" in 2005.

  Forum Editor 23:47 10 May 2004

we posted on this subject last week
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It just goes to show that when you're in the CPU business you need the deepest pockets in the world, and R&D managers who aren't frightened to admit they took a wrong turn.

  woodchip 23:57 10 May 2004

Yes that also why I alway's shop canny, My first comp was a P60 from defunct ESCOM Paid £160 for 3 year up front Warranty and went bust 4 weeks later money gone I soon learned lesson. I now look at upgrades on the basis of not the latest and greatest. but if for example a CPU I would look at where the sharp change occurred it’s a case of value for money. but that's life and as you know we are still learning even at 68

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