is wga a virus

  lakeman 20:40 19 Apr 2009

i have norton anti virus installed and last night it reported an issue with an entity it described as severe so naturally i thought it was a virus , it removed it to quarantine where i had a look and its called "wga 1991".rar", not downloaded by me .on further scrutiny it appears to be an effort to replace an item i removed manually named "windows genuine advantage" a pain that started popping up three months after i bought my desktop with windows xp pro pre-installed. my win xp is genuine microsoft wont reply to my mails , any ideas

  grey george 20:47 19 Apr 2009

.rar files are compressed like zip files. As far as window genuine advantage and preinstalled xp check out this current thread. click here
WGA is not a virus if it is from MS but I don't think they use .rar files

  lakeman 20:52 19 Apr 2009

thanks grey george i knew i should have checked the forums before i posted .

  lakeman 21:00 19 Apr 2009

i just googled this wga entity and it appears its a crack designed to assist users to override any problems with pirated copys of win xp when attempting to validate the product..

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