Western Dig 120GB HDD detecting on an A7N8X

  Wobby 19:11 25 Jul 2003

My PC was running fine with a 40gb samsung set as pri master and a 30gb samsung as pri slave. I have just replaced the 40 with a WD1200JB western digital drive (7200rpm). System now takes ages (minutes) to detect the drive on post and even then pc does not boot correctly. When I disconnect it and re-attach my 40GB Samsung the pc boots into windows within 30 secs. The drive has been replaced and 3 different IDE cables tried (2 x 80 conductor cables). I have disconnected all other IDE drives, my motherboard bios is version 1002.

Any help gratefully recieved.

  xania 16:40 26 Jul 2003

This rings a bell. The same thing happened to me when I upgraded from an existing 30 Mb to a new 40 Mb. on an older mobo The problem lies in the fact that your bios cannot cope. You should obtain a disk utility, which you should be able to download from the Western Digital web site click here. Alternatively, you might get away with connecting your new drive as a slve to your existing drive, and then using either FDISk or something like Partition Magic, to format the new disk into manageable sized partitions. However, you msay well find htat your mobo won't even allow you to do this.

  Wobby 10:33 27 Jul 2003

Thanks Xania, did try what you suggested. The Western Digital software said that no drives needed updating. I checked my jumper settings and the 120 was set to Master (with slave present) - the slave was not connected! Hence to say the situation has now been resolved and I am using the 120 totype this message.



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