Wep not possible

  Dalglish2 19:08 22 Apr 2010

my work laptop only supports wep not wpa so I am obliged to set up the former or put up with a 15m length of Ethernet.
My router is a netgear Dg934g which it seems is able to be confiigured for wep. My problem is when I replace wpa with wrp, there is no wifi signal from the router.
I have tried 64 and 128bit set to auto but no joy.
What am i doing wrong?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:51 22 Apr 2010

WEP is not secure.

Your laptop has nothing to do with WEP its the software if you are running XPSP2 or later it can handle WPA as can Vista / windows 7.

  User-312386 23:38 22 Apr 2010

it depends on the age of the laptop mate, my laptop only had a wep card and i had to replace it with a wpa card. Maybe the laptop is old and only has built in wep?

  woodchip 23:46 22 Apr 2010

I got a Laptop from Curry's and it was the same, I took it back after a week of trying to get it to run on WPA, that would only work in Wep though my Router was setup to WPA.

It was either Wep or no Encryption for the Wireless to work, don't as why but thats how it was after trying everything

  woodchip 23:47 22 Apr 2010

The Laptop was a Toshiba with two Sata Hard Drives and Intel Duo CPU

  Dalglish2 07:21 23 Apr 2010

I've had this problem with two different NEW laptops one running vista the other xp. My desktop running xp home is also affected so I think we can rule out the pc as being the issue.
As I say. Though wep is less secure than wpa. I have bo choice -either accept this ordo without wireless which is a pain.

  T0SH 10:51 23 Apr 2010

Use wep and turn on mac address filtering and add your laptop wireless mac address to the allowed table in the wireless security section of your router setup

with it set up this way it would need someone who was very knowledgeable and determined to get access to your system and given this level of expertise wpa and any of its varients would at best only serve to slow them down a little

Cheers HC

  Rahere 10:54 23 Apr 2010

If WPA wireless is a problem - routers can clash with the wireless chip brand used in laptops or cards - try using homeplugs instead - these use your house wiring as a network so you can plug them in where you are sitting at any particular time, plus it's more secure than wireless!

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