wep key not accepted

  taffy101 18:47 05 Dec 2007

I recently had to sort out a problem on a friends laptop which I sorted by using system restore. Unfortunately he had not told me that he recently had a new wireless router installed and now the wireless settings on the laptop are incorrect. I have tried typing in the 128 bit WEP key that he had written down, but a message tells me that the key is of incorrect bit length. Being a novice myself in wireless networks I am unsure how to cure this. Should the passkey I am typing be a password or the 26 character hex key which I have been typing in?

  MAJ 19:07 05 Dec 2007

If it's using 128-bit WEP, then yes, usually it's the 26 character hex key that's entered. But it would be better if you changed to WPA protection if the Router supports it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 05 Dec 2007

26 char hex key

Have you tried telling it to accept it as a WPA key?

Becareful of 8 B, 0 O D, etc.

  taffy101 19:14 05 Dec 2007

I have checked several times that the key I am typing in has 26 characters which it has. Would I still get the message saying incorrect key length if the key was wrong or I had mistyped a character?

I am not sure is his router supports WPA. His router is a BT Home Hub. Do you need to specify the type of key on the laptop? If so where do you do this?

  mammak 19:40 05 Dec 2007

Have you tried the wireless passkey that is on the back of the BT Home Hub at least to get you in to the settings then you can of course change to WPA and input your own passkey, only a thought it might or might not help.

  Technotiger 19:48 05 Dec 2007

Why not undo the last System Restore? Then maybe find the correct key, then do Restore again.

Or as already stated by mammak, the Key is on the back of the Home Hub (I have the same BT HomeHub).

Password is usually simply admin - admin.

  Technotiger 19:50 05 Dec 2007

Maybe this will help click here

  taffy101 20:25 05 Dec 2007

I had tried undoing the system restore but was told the system restore could not be undone. I will try your other suggestions when I next visit my friend. Just to clarify, my friends Home Hub is connected to his desktop PC and wirelessly to two laptops. Does the WEP or WPA option have to be set up on the laptop or does the key take care of this?

  Technotiger 20:28 05 Dec 2007

Needs to be setup on laptop as well.

  MAJ 20:51 05 Dec 2007

The key only has to be input to the laptops when they detect the wireless network and the user attempts to connect, the key doesn't have to be "set up" as such.

  Technotiger 21:02 05 Dec 2007

MAJ is correct, my response is badly worded - but meant the same, sorry!

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