WEP encryption

  Adpro2 23:46 31 Jan 2007

Im trying to use Belkins security wizard to beef up security on my wireless (currently nought). Im using Belkins 'generate keys' function based on a passphrane. Stupid question but what do I do once I have this?

  PaulB2005 23:54 31 Jan 2007

You then save the settings into the router. Any PCs connecting wirelessly will loose there connection so you'll need to reconnect them. At some point each PC will ask for the key. If entered correctly they will connect ok.

  Adpro2 00:02 01 Feb 2007

Cheers. I guess my next question is when each PC asks for the key is this the full 64 or 128bit set of keys and not the more memorable pass phrase?

  PaulB2005 07:34 01 Feb 2007

Yes the full key.

  Adpro2 12:54 03 Feb 2007

Cheers again. Laptop now secure but desktop upstairs is now unable to connect to network (no wireless connection) and doesnt prompt for key. What does one need to do to the desktop to join the network after ive added WEP vis laptop?

  PaulB2005 15:03 03 Feb 2007

Can the desktop see the router? i.e. when you look at the list of avalible routers is yours listed?

  Adpro2 17:01 03 Feb 2007

It is listed as an available router but still wont connect. Both upstairs Desktop and laptop connect fine when security is disabled. Is it the sequence im doing it in?

  PaulB2005 17:23 03 Feb 2007

No. You can connect in any order.

You should select your router, click connect and then be prompted for the key.

What's the signal strength like?

  Adpro2 13:46 04 Feb 2007

Signal strengh in the 'available networks' seems fine. Belkin notworking utility says Info:Unable to associate with a favorite network.

So near but so far....

  Adpro2 15:21 05 Feb 2007

Cracked it. A big thanks tp PaulB2005. Appears the Belkin network utility was misleading me all along telling me Networks were visable when they were not. As soon as I switched to 'use the standard windows XP utility instead' it all dropped into place, the WEP key prompted appeared. Thanks again.

  PaulB2005 18:24 05 Feb 2007

Nice one.

Sorry for the delay. Should have warned the manufacturers utilities can be like that. Always prefer to use the Windows Utility...

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