wep encryption

  chemboy 14:44 22 Jan 2007

can someone please tell me hoe to enable my wifi wep encryption i no it sounds silly but i am just getting to grips with wifi at the moment
many thanks to all

  Border View 16:38 22 Jan 2007

What sort and make of router do you have?

  skidzy 16:44 22 Jan 2007

Open the routers configuration page and select security,here you may find the WEP key,it may be encryted...you can always select a new one.

As barmoor says,tell us the router and we can help further.

  rodriguez 16:49 22 Jan 2007

On mine you open up the router's config page (usually by typing in the Internet Explorer address bar, but check the manual) and there should be an encryption option in a Security tab. Turn on the WEP encryption and then let it generate a key. This will be a load of random letters and numbers so write them down. Also write down the SSID. When you come to connect to the network now, you'll need to put in these details that you wrote down for it to connect. Windows will then remember them so that next time it connects it will remember the key and connect automatically.

  skidzy 17:59 22 Jan 2007

i take you may be new to PCA,though i appreciate the email,could you please post all response in the appropiate box (the response box below).
May i remind you,the yellow envelope is used for personal invites only.

Ok,that said.

Via Email:

dear skidzy i am on a lynksy network which my computer finds i dont have a wireless router that is connected to another modem if that makes any sense so if you can help me sort out my encryption i would appreciate it thanks so much

I am assuming you have a laptop ,if you look in your taskbar for a little monitor displaying radar waves...double click this.This will open possibly the network connections availible.Look for security and WEP.Here you will be given the choice to create a new wep code or insert the code from the host machine.

This assuming i have understood you correctly.

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