Well, It WOULD have worked...but

  anniel 16:46 04 Apr 2005

when we went to attach the patch cable to husband's PC...he did not have the necessary port to plug the cable into. What a disaster.

He has two USB ports, but not the one for the patch cable.

Can we buy an adapter to fit into the usb port to convert it to take the cable???

If not is there anything else to do, besides throwing out his 4 yr.old Dell and buying a new PC.

I feel very stupid!!

  ste_bla 17:24 04 Apr 2005

Yes you can

USB > Ethernet adaptor

1 expensive example click here im sure you can find cheaper if you long enough

Network Card

£10 odd and all you need is a free PCI slot which im sure you would have one free check first though

  anniel 17:28 04 Apr 2005

that the USB port is 1.1..at least I think it is as the PC is 4 yrs. old.

I see the one you mention, which us just what I want is USB2...I can always ask!

  ste_bla 17:33 04 Apr 2005

Well usb1.1 is slower

If you really want to go usb route how about this click here it says 1.0 and 1.1 usb

However if you do have space get a PCI card it is likely to be more reliable take up less space and slightly cheaper and would bt less likely to have problems

  anniel 17:46 04 Apr 2005

Thanks for all your help.

I just love computers!

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