Well done PCAdvisor!!

  SheffieldSpy 11:02 18 Oct 2003

Just a quick comment on your re-designed site. It is so much easier to use. Keep up the good work!

  Forum Editor 11:07 18 Oct 2003

and heroins of the design team - thank you.

  Forum Editor 17:29 18 Oct 2003


  Taran 17:55 18 Oct 2003

I should hope so...

(I like the layout by the way)


  powerless 19:14 18 Oct 2003

FE have a look at the helproom threads on the site.

  Peter E 19:37 18 Oct 2003

...with SheffieldSpy. I like the site layout and I also like the new look magazine. Medals all round, I think.

  Forum Editor 19:55 18 Oct 2003

You can take it as read that I've done that.

  powerless 21:03 18 Oct 2003

You see FE, there are so many of them saying this and that, that it is difficult to keep up with new and old.

...and where you have had your say.

No doubt you have seen my "Squished and squashed" in two of the many site related postings.

For the sake of more postings...reduce the left coulumm width.

  daveac41 00:02 19 Oct 2003

Magazine rehash great - but Please change that orange print in the Q & A sections

  tbh72 02:07 19 Oct 2003

Whilst I think the new site design is crisp & fresh it does have atleast one change which I would appreciate made.

When you click on a thread & it opens up, the left hand cell which contains a list of the other threads within the group is too wide. It compresses the "Important" centre cell which contain the thread replies. I would be inclined to remove this cell completely allowing visitors to hit the back button to view the subject index listing.

I don't like to complain, but I am finding this most annoying, inconvenient & it detracts from all the hard efforts put in by the team.

Thanks for listening

  SheffieldSpy 11:04 19 Oct 2003

By the way the PCAdvisor search feature is faulty at line 18, apparently.

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