Well done

  Forum Editor 20:02 29 May 2003

I can see you have put in a lot of hard work, and what a fascinating subject!

You have one of the key ingredients of a successful web site straight away - an interesting subject.

You might consider the following suggestions; they are just that - suggestions - so please don't be in any way discouraged, you've made a nice job of your first site.

1. Kill the hit counter? I have a personal aversion to them I admit. I can't see what useful purpose they serve. You can get statistics from your host, and they'll be far more detailed than just a tally of hits. Nothing brands a site as "amateur" more than a hit counter.

2. Use a smaller font size for body text - say 8 point - in conjunction with the next point.....

3. Lay out the content in tables with columns. Look at the way a newspaper page is laid out, or take a look at the BBC news site
click here

The look of your site would be improved dramatically, given this treatment. You can scatter small images in separate table cells, and with a bit of experimenting you'll see how you could make the site easier to read - without having to scroll the pages into the bargain.

4. Justify text left, rather than centre, in the table cells - it looks very much more professional.

5. The blue background is a tad bright in my opinion, although this is very much a personal thing. I like white backgrounds as a rule, with the colour coming from images - lots of them.

Finally - don't link to pages that have no content. Nothing is more of a let down than clicking on a link to a picture page, only to see no pictures. It's better to have a little box saying "Coming soon - and then an announcement about the other pages. Leave the pages unlinked until you've filled them.

As I said earlier - your site is just fine as it is, but with a little tweak here and there I think it could have real impact - I wish you luck with it, and if you want help with the order form let me know.

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