Well Dean

  Forum Editor 16:14 20 Sep 2003

you've certainly been busy.

1. I felt as if I was looking at about ten different sites instead of just one - you seem to have used a different theme on every page. The site would look ten times better, and more interesting if you used one theme throughout. Stick to the same navigation buttons on every page,and use no more than say, three fonts at most (I would prefer two).

2. The Flash gizmo that generates sparkles wherever the mouse pointer goes is old-hat. It was a novelty when first introduced about three years ago, but since then there have been dozens of them, and they get a bit irritating after a while.

3. I saw two forums on the site - the MSN version and another one. What's the point of that Dean? Why not stick to one forum, and try to build it. That's hard enough - you don't stand a chance with two.

All in all I found the site very confusing - I had no sense of where I was at anytime - and that was mainly due to the variety of backgrounds, colours, and navigation links. I suggest that you rebuild your site from scratch. Draw out a simple navigation system on paper, and build ther site from that. At the same time, try to rationalise the content - it's a little sparse to say the least. My guess is that you could make a nice site in about 6 pages.

I hope that's helpful. You're young, and in my experience, people of your age learn about site design very quickly - at least the technical side of it. What can take a good deal longer is the development of a sense of visual design, and to that end you would be well advised to look at as many other sites as you can. get ideas, and experiment. I'll look forward to seeing how you get on, should you decide to make changes.

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