welcome screen problem

  Gwynedd 16:45 09 Jun 2005

Re-this problem. Thought we had cracked it with your expert advice, but no. To recap, my granddaughter can't get her windows xp welcome screen up, only a black screen and pasword window.

Further investigation revealed that her elder sister, now returned to the states, had some weeks ago either attempted to join a netwok/set up a network.

When we go to the accounts page to follow your advice it is greyed out, and clicking on it brings up a message to the effect that Client Services for Netware has blocked the screen and the only way to get back to the accounts page to change things is to uninstall Client Services - I have looked everywhere for a programme but the only thing I can find is a file called netware which warns that deleting it may damage the pc.

What do i do. Where is the Client Services uninstaller?

  Trackrat 17:04 09 Jun 2005

Have you tried pressing F8 at start up and doing a system restore from safe mode.

  mattyc_92 19:28 09 Jun 2005

with your previous thread... Could you please explain what you were told to do, so I/another member doesn't guide you through something you have already done please?

  Gwynedd 22:24 09 Jun 2005

The problem was that on switching on the computer all that I got was a black screen and a password window

I was told to go to accounts user and tick box 'use welcome screen' for log-on and this would solve the problem.
This i tried, but the user account page greyed out, and when I clicked it was told that Client Services for Netware had blocked it, and that to return to a normal welcome screen, users and fast switching I had to uninstall Client Services.

Unfortunately I cannot find any programme that looks remotely like Client Services for Netware, only, as I said, a file called Netware on the hard drive.

  VoG II 22:29 09 Jun 2005

Restart and keep tapping the F8 key just before the Windows screen appears and select Command Prompt.

At the > prompt type


and press the Enter key. Select a date before your system was trashed.

  Gwynedd 13:53 10 Jun 2005

The computer was seized upon (by another grandaughter)on its arrival and while we were away - I understand the Netware tampering went on almost immediately, so we are unable to fix it with system restore.

In my (humble) opinion the fix will only come if someone can identify the relevant Client Services programme name, tell me and let me uninstall whatever this is.

  Dorsai 14:22 10 Jun 2005

Try control panel>Network connections. Then right click on you modem, and select properties.

You should get a window, called "(your modem) Connection properties"

Click the 'networking' tab and see if you have in the box in the middle "client services for netware"

If you do, you can right click on it, and then click uninstall just under the box.

click here

Don't know if this will solve your problem though...

  €dstowe 14:34 10 Jun 2005

If, as you intimate, there was nothing important on the machine: "The computer was seized upon (by another grandaughter)on its arrival and while we were away - I understand the Netware tampering went on almost immediately, so we are unable to fix it with system restore." perhaps a complete reinstall of Windows would be best.

  mattyc_92 18:20 10 Jun 2005

I agree with €dstowe... Try re-installing Windows... I would first try to just install over the top of the current version as you will save many hours on installing your anti-virus, firewall, ms office, etc...

If this doesn't help, try formatting the system

***NOTE: I would backup the system as you MAY (shouldn't though) experience data lose from the re-installing over the top.... Obviously, backup personal files if you decide to format... lol***

  VoG II 18:38 10 Jun 2005

How to repair Windows click here

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