Weird winding on sound recording

  Josquius 22:09 01 Sep 2006

So I was playing aronud on my guitar today with my mic in place in case I stumbled upon anything good.
When I played back my sound recording it sounded somewhat odd. There appears to be a winding sound over the top of it all.
There was definatly nothing like that in the room with me- it seemed rather quiet.

Here is a snippet of my recording with the wind going on:

click here

I've never came across anything like this before in my history of crappy recording...

  De Marcus™ 22:16 01 Sep 2006

Background noise? Poor or average quality Mic? Unshielded cables? What you hear and what's actually there are two different things, perhaps try recording directly click here

  STREETWORK 22:17 01 Sep 2006

I don't think anyone would download this for security/viral/trojan reasons, you will have to think of another way.

  gudgulf 22:29 01 Sep 2006

Ooops...I downloaded it.....NO viruses but it could damage your speakers!

Sorry Josquius,lol

It doesn't sound too bad through my X-Fi sound card when digitally mixed uo to 5.1 sound and using the "Crystaliser" function which is supposed to reconstruct the missing information from compressed music files.

BUT .....through my headphones I see or rather hear what you mean......sounds like something near or in the microphone "rattling" along to the music.

Could the microphone gain be turned up a bit too much?

What recording setup are you using?

  Josquius 13:18 02 Sep 2006

Audacity and a USB microphone (I think its a decent quality one, can't remember the numbers though)

I've tried direct recording but...It just doesn't sound good. Its very faint and totally lacking tone.

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