Weird VGA problem when hooking up my TV to my desktop.

  stevefennelly 22:12 20 Oct 2014

I'm trying to switch my monitor out for my larger TV. I did it before when I realised that both had a VGA input/output. As far as I know the tv worked grand before, I just took out the vga from my monitor & stuck it into the tv. The resolution was the same tho and I couldn't change it for whatever reason..

But now, a few months later it won't work. I actually had it working for a few mins the other day but restarted my desktop to be sure it worked on it's own only to be greeted with a series of random multicolored lines with the completely distorted "starting windows" mashed into it. When that goes away it shows "no signal" which stays just like that, although computer continues to start up normally because I can hear Skype opening through my speakers & can just plug in my monitor again without any issues, resuming at my desktop view.

When I start up my computer with my monitor plugged in and try switch it over to the TV when everything is finished starting up, it flashes my desktops screen before going back to no signal. Sometimes it's distorted, coloured weird or completely normal but only ever lasts a second. I can only get the screen flash once every now and then, more often then not it just stays black with "no signal"...

When my VGA cable (old, and the new one I bought to be sure it wasn't the cable) touches mental to metal on either the back of my PC or the VGA port on my TV it emits tiny white sparks, so small it barely heats up the metal but none the less very visible. They don't look dangerous but could indicate the problem.

I've check a lot so far from another forums help and plenty of online posts so these are some of the other stuff I tried...

  • My drivers are up to date as far as I know.
  • I've moved the plugs, plugged it into the wall to remove the possibility of the extension lead.
  • Removed all electrical devices from around or in my computer e.g speakers, chargers etc.
  • The TV works fine with my ps3 so it's not broke.
  • VGA cable doesn't work with any other of the 3 tvs in my house with a VGA input so it's not the tv's VGA input.
  • VGA output on my computer works flawlessly with my monitor so I doubt it's that.

Bear in mind, I have got it working before so my best guess is it's due to my terrible graphics card "Intel® HD Graphics" overloading or something?

I'm not computer tech so if you could help me with any possible theory's, solutions or guesses even.. I'm completely stumped and have no idea where to even go from here.

- Steve

  lotvic 11:19 21 Oct 2014

Did you look at your tv settings menu and choose PC for the input channel? (sometimes you have to do that if it doesn't happen automatically) and look on your pc for the Graphics settings and choose tv on that menu as well.

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