Weird Vertical Lines on Display

  EnchantedXI hi 14:57 22 Apr 2018

Hello everyone, so my PC crashes once or twice everyday, either from the screen going haywire in which one of my montiors goes greenish with vertical lines like bumpy cardboard, and my second monitor goes blue, or the PC just freezes and doesn't respond, PC is still on just doesn't respond to anything. Anyway, after it goes haywire it goes back to normal, then the screen goes black, now this only happens (or happens way more often) when playing the game rocket league, When I wake up in the morning and switch on my PC, then go to play rocket league, the vertical line thing happens very fast, like 5 minutes, then after I restart, the computer is fine all day, then the next day it repeats and the same thing happens. My GPU is an r9 270x, I've had task manager open and when rocket league is open it runs 90% GPU usage and my GPU temperature stays at about 75C, if I need to add anything else to this please still me and I will find out, I'm pretty trash when it comes to these posts and knowing what to add so I apologize for that, thanks for the help guys!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 22 Apr 2018

temps are normal at 75

try removing and reseating the card and check all connections are good.

  EnchantedXI hi 17:48 22 Apr 2018

took the card out the day before removed all the dust from it and put it back into the PC, It's seated good and all the connections are fine, same thing still happened :(

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