Weird unknown facebook profile file

  Ricardo12522 22:03 29 Nov 2016

Hello, this might seem odd, as odd to you as it is to me... I was browsing my files today on my computer, just to rearrange some icons an tidy up a bit, and I noticed something, something very strange. I noticed there was a file on my computer bearing the name of someone I don't know, a name and a chrome shortcut with the same name. When I opened the file, there were various photographs of that person and of friends we had in common on facebook (which I found out later) and some .dll and other files of the sort. However, I have no reminiscence of EVER even visiting this person's profile, I don't believe I haver ever seen him/her in my life... The chrome shortcut simply took me to a buggy Facebook page without any icons or usabe links. I would like to know if it is possible for any one on here to tell me what might have happened? Or if I have multiple personalities and don't recall doing certain things... Thank you in advance

  Archonar 16:09 30 Nov 2016

Is it all included within one folder or are the .dll's and other files separate?

  lotvic 18:39 30 Nov 2016

If they are all in one folder and a Chrome shortcut, it could be that it is a 'saved webpage complete'. When you click on the shortcut (rightclick and choose Properties) is the Location address in Chrome referring to a www address or is it local address to the file on C:\ ?

But there shouldn't be any .dlls in there...

  Archonar 20:27 30 Nov 2016

Yeah the .dlls are confusing me too, that's why I was wondering if they are in the same time as the chrome link.

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