Weird symbol replaces pasted text in Word

  setecio 15:38 24 Jul 2008

I copy and paste text into word or into an email which uses Word in Outlook and instead of getting the text I copied I get this strange symbol.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Why and is there a fix so that it doesn't happen ?

  DieSse 17:44 24 Jul 2008

"I copy and paste text into word...."

Where is the text coming from?

  setecio 09:04 25 Jul 2008

In this case it is from a web page but I can't remeber where I was copying from before in previous occurrences. Copying first to notepad is a workaround I use but I'm wondering if there is a setting or a permanent fix.

  skeletal 09:24 25 Jul 2008

When using Word, many people imagine that a page of text is, well, a page of text! It isn’t. It is a hugely complex file full of all sorts of hidden code, some of which is recognisable as what we call “text”.

When cutting and pasting from various sources, sometimes, stuff from the sources incorrectly mimics something that Word interprets as a funny symbol, or formatting (e.g. text may spread over several pages instead of staying neatly in one place as per the original). Sometimes fonts can be misinterpreted, or missing (a common one I see is the yin and yang Chinese symbol in place of a letter).

Pasting into Notepad gets rid of the problem because this only deals in pure text, so any strange code that may be misinterpreted, is stripped out.

AFAIK, there is no way round the problem other than using something like Notepad first, which is what I do sometimes.


  octal 10:40 25 Jul 2008

Do you know what the character is that its trying to copy? It could be that the symbol you are trying to copy is not in the character set that Word has in its database.

  DieSse 11:32 25 Jul 2008

It's an icon - and it looks a bit like a locked bin of some kind - but I've not seen it before.

What browser are you using?

Can you easily try with another browser?

I suspect it's some sort of security icon from a browser - but having never seen it, and googling for icons is problematic (ie - next to impossible!), I can't really help.

It needs someone who recognises the icon.

  DieSse 11:52 25 Jul 2008

Right click on the icon - what does it say in Properties?

  setecio 19:32 25 Jul 2008

Thanks skeletal, I'll stick with notepad then.

If I right click on it and properties it doesn't seem to exist - 0 size and no info.

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