Weird static stutters on monitor ingame

  seadaug 14:14 04 Jan 2019

Hello! So recently my league of legends started to feel much more laggy than before. The fps and everything is fine. I have tried basically every single thing i can think off. Everything from reinstalling windows, degrading windows to earlier versions, switching monitors, switching monitor cables etc.

I recently found out that when i ingame move my camere quickly up and down it shows some kind of static stutter across the screen as shown in the pictures below. I have no idea what to do or what is causing this problems. As you can see on the pictures below there appears some kind of weird line/stutters. The pictures are taken on a video where im rapidly moving in the game.

click here click here click here

  seadaug 14:17 04 Jan 2019

Edit: I have tried multiple monitors with different cables. Both 144hz and 60hz monitors. The stutters still appear.

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