Weird Scribbles appearing in open Window

  lotvic 00:21 19 Nov 2011

Does anyone have any ideas of the cause for this weird scribble effect in an open window? ClickHere1 It happens mostly when I have a window reduced, I can 'draw' more scribbles on the window by grabbing it with mouse and moving window around the screen. ClickHere2 The scribbles are stationary on the open window and move with it. Minimizing to taskbar and then bringing back up cleans the scribbles off.

Any open windows underneath are unaffected so it can't be the monitor.

I have had a couple of temporary instances where it has been more pronounced and more colours on a window that hasn't been moved about the screen.

Do you think the graphics card is on the way out? or has XP mce SP3 got itself in a twist? No BSOD's or any other symptoms have shown up so far. Clean bill of health for all virus and malware checks. Avast, Win Defender, Spywareblaster, Trusteer Rapport. Also on demand scans Malwarebytes, SAS.

Any help and suggestions appreciated.

  Forum Editor 01:13 19 Nov 2011

"Do you think the graphics card is on the way out?"

It's a distinct possibility.

  birdface 01:41 19 Nov 2011

Maybe just the graphics driver needing updated.

  lotvic 10:40 19 Nov 2011

Thanks, confirms what I was thinking. I will try updating driver and if no joy will look for new graphics card.

First though I'll swap out HDD to my W7 install (installed on this pc hardware) and see if it still happens on there. Will look to see if W7 is using same driver.

Will post back with results in a couple of days (got visitors coming over weekend)

  birdface 11:35 19 Nov 2011

Could it be your monitor on the way out.

Had to bin one a few weeks ago as it started changing colour and it eventually covered the whole screen so that nothing could be seen.

So maybe try another monitor just to be in the safe side.

I tried it on another computer and it was just the same on that.

Lets hope it is just the driver or graphics card.

I don't suppose your screen resolution has changed in Display.

  carver 12:02 19 Nov 2011

That screen shot looks like the monitor is on it's way to monitor heaven, had one go a couple of months ago and the cost to repair was nearly the same as a new one.

There is one thing to try and that is to change the DVI cable for another one.

  wiz-king 15:02 19 Nov 2011

I had one of my works Dell PCs put up patterning like that when one of the RAM modules failed and the solution was to replace it.

Run a ram test to check the memory.

  lotvic 01:15 22 Nov 2011

Took side off pc and have run it all day today ready to start investigations. Been backing up data etc. many Gb's.

Haven't had a 'scribble' all day. Am thinking it's overheating problem so will run those tests as well as all the suggestions so far, thanks.

Also going to play a video etc. and stress the card to see what happens under load.

Will post back if and when I find out cause. Many thanks for the suggestions received, couple of things I never thought about - cable and ram for instance.

  bjh 08:55 22 Nov 2011

The other possibility - and it's one you'd have fixed - is the cable connection. It can be caused by the connector being loosely fitted, or even by a fault in the cable itself. If the problem does reoccur, have a wiggle of the cable. If it changes things, tighten the cable and/or buy a new one!

  lotvic 23:40 25 Dec 2011

It was overheating problem, temporary fix of running with side off pc tower for last month and haven't had a recurrence of problem. Need to reposition tower so I can improve the airflow around it. (It's near to a tall cupboard so not much room at side)

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