weird screen freeze with loading of any game

  KingOfTime2013 17:01 20 Jul 2018

I have a really weird problem, its hard to explain but ill try. I turn on my pc in the morning, whenever ill get into a game, my screen will freeze for like 5-10 seconds during the loading of the game. if I have music or something in the background it will keep running, but the picture is frozen. during that first screen freeze of the day, my pc is taking screen shot of the screen or something. cause for the rest of the day, whenever I get into loading of any game, even different games, my screen freezes for 5-10 again, but what the screen showing is that "screenshot" that it took earlier. ill give example. if the first game I play after turning on the pc is "league of legends" and my screen freezes while showing the league of legends loading screen, from now every time I load any other game, lets say I load "fortnite", my screen will freeze and ill see the "league of legends" loading screen, even tho I play different game. I really hope you understand. anybody have any idea what causes it?

  KingOfTime2013 08:11 22 Jul 2018

if nobody knows here, maybe any of you know another tech support site where I can ask?

  wee eddie 12:26 22 Jul 2018

Please give us the Specification and OS of your PC

  KingOfTime2013 12:55 22 Jul 2018

here it is,

I guess you dont need translation cause the main things are in english

  KingOfTime2013 12:56 22 Jul 2018

seems like the images didnt work, Ill post links: click here


  KingOfTime2013 12:57 22 Jul 2018

and here: click here

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