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Weird scratching noise coming from PC

  Mali Paun 08:53 11 Jul 2020

So... this started happening about two months ago. I noticed the weird scratching noise a few days prior to downloading GTA V. After that when I start the game the screen goes black and the keyboard goes off, the PC still runs about 10 seconds later and then it restarts. At first I tought it was the PSU but everything to this day still runs good. I had no problems with it going off because I stopped playing the game for about 20 days (I forgot to mention that PC works fine when the games load in windowed mode, as soon as I switch them to fullscreen it just crashes and does the same thing. I noticed that after booting up again and immediately starting GTA V and switching it to fullscreen mode it does not crash, but if I do that after the PC has been running for some time it crashes). I played League of Legends and it never happened to me until this morning when I went into a game and it crashed the same as it did with GTA. Besides the gaming, when I shut off the PC or put it to sleep and turn it back on again it does the scratching noise I suppose is coming from the hard drive, and it just stays stuck on the boot up screen. Sometimes it scratches for 15 seconds and boots up, sometimes it goes for 2-3 minutes and sometimes it won't start at all until you restart it a few times. I noticed also, when I exit sleep mode and go to the desktop it scratches and won't open anything for 5 minutes until it stops scratching. Once it crashed after 5 minutes of being frozen like that on the desktop.

TLDR: PC makes scratching noise, won't boot up when shut off or put to sleep. Sometimes crashes when opening games.

Sorry for the long as heck description. I'm 99% sure it is the hard drive. If you have any info or solutions please do respond, your help will be greatly appreciated.

  john bunyan 10:14 11 Jul 2020

What PC? What Operating System? For a start in case it is the HD I would make a clone or an image of your HD on an external HD using something like Macrium Reflect. Others will no doubt comment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 11 Jul 2020

some hard drive noise here does it sound like one of these?

  Mali Paun 11:09 11 Jul 2020

I recorded the scratching but I don't know how I can link it to here.

  Mali Paun 11:16 11 Jul 2020

Ok, here's the recording. Uploaded it - click here

  x13 11:28 11 Jul 2020

I vote for Hard Drive noise. A fan noise would be more constant. Make an image as soon as possible.

  wee eddie 11:31 11 Jul 2020

Sounds like mine does when it needs cleaning.

Borrow a Hair Drier and a 1/2 inch Paint Brush (it should not have plastic bristles) > Take the side off your PC and take it outdoors > blow the dust out and use the brush to loosen any dust on the Fan Blades and between the Tines of the Heatsinks > Blow again > Avoid touching anything except with the bristles of the brush.

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