Weird problem - PC lag spikes with voice softwares

  Quissy 11:47 26 Jun 2018

Hey, I'm asking about this problem for a friend as he hasn't been able to find any solution to this and it's been going on for some time now, he's getting really fed up of it.

He gets random lag spikes for 2 seconds when his PC basically shits a brick, it happens way more often when in a voice chat such as Discord or TeamSpeak.

When playing a game it rarely happens, it's the same result for any game, not really depending on how hard his PC is working for said game, this is when he is in voice too, if he is in voice and playing a game then it happens much less.

If he closes voice althogether he has no issues at all, maybe very rarely, he said he didn't notice anything at all with voice closed.

I don't really have any idea myself what this would be, it seems to be an issue with his PC as the same thing happens with all voice software, but at the same time I don't have any idea what that would be to cause this issue.

As for his PC, it's all fairly new parts, the GPU is new, 1050 6GB, he has water cooling. He thinks that the issue started before he got a new GPU, but he doesn't remember exactly when or have any idea of what might have caused it to start happening.


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