Weird Postmaster E-mails

  Macaonasa 17:10 18 Apr 2003

I've just had 6 e-mails from [email protected]Á¾¿í entirled 'Delivery Staus Notification (Failure)'.

Is this spam?

  VoG™ 17:15 18 Apr 2003

Those messages normally mean that an e-mail that you have sent has "bounced" at the other end (e.g. address doesn't exist).

  AdeJ 17:15 18 Apr 2003

I've been getting them from Demon abundantly for the last week or so for emails I've never sent. Are you using a hotmail address as well?

  Macaonasa 17:23 18 Apr 2003

I haven't sent e-mails for any of the non-deliveries. I'm using Outlook Express and only give my e-mail address to friends and family. One of the non-delivery notifications is from [email protected] which contains HTML and what appears to be porn links.

  AdeJ 22:30 18 Apr 2003

That will teach me to read them properly - I use Mailwasher Pro so tend to glance and nuke..

  Help Needed Urgently 01:09 19 Apr 2003

Maybe you have the YaHa virus i used to have it and i was send lots of these stupid bounced mails from postmaster grrr i'll get him one day

here's the link to download the yaha remover
click here

  Macaonasa 10:15 19 Apr 2003

It's not Yaha which creates a 6 figure dll file on your PC. I don't have any.

  Patr100 10:44 19 Apr 2003

I occasionally get these in my Hotmail junk mail folder. I suspect they are automated attempts to get you to confirm you have a valid email address by opening them. Just delete.

  Macaonasa 12:28 19 Apr 2003

I suspect that's their role too. Just got 3 more this morning.

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