Weird pc boosting problem need to unplug and plug

  akekarerk 16:12 05 Jun 2017

Hi to PC gurus

Recently my pc has been acting weird, let me explain the situation in steps

I use my pc as normal everyday but this just happened

I turn my pc on and once I turn it off and try to start it up again it will just shut down immediately, like not even 0.5 sec that the led lights shows up and so I try pulling the plug out and leave it for 10-20sec, plug it back in and it would start up and be able to use my pc as normal but once I turn it off again it won't boot up until I pull out the plug and repeat the process of pulling the plug out and wait 10-20 secs again.

could it be that the mainboard is faulty? or power supply is old?

Thanks in advance!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 05 Jun 2017

power off unplug

press and hold power button for 30 seconds.

reconnect power and boot up.

see if that solves the problem.

  q33ny 11:42 06 Jun 2017

It could be something with the PSU. I've experience the same problem with my PC after 2 weeks in holiday and after a few restarts like this for the course of 2-3 hours it started working again. It started by restarting after 5s and gradually worked up till it staid on. In my situation I suspect the PSU but didn't get the time to change it as it work OK :)

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